About ~DigitalHyperGFX

This GFX  blog is dedicated to the Art of  Digital painting.

The artwork is done by Digital Artist DigitalHyperGFX AKA Dennis


Dennis van de Rijke, aka DigitalHyperGfx is a digital artist that loves to explore the depths of digital painting, illuminating the exquisite nature of his art and magnificent fantasy world. His unconventional style, which exhibits the romantic landscapes and buildings of a city, or stunning expressions of a musician’s face, reveals the evocative essence of his unconscious: the archetypes coming to life upon the digital canvas. The observer is enchanted and intoxicated by each painting’s arousing and enigmatic image, as well as its dazzling and vibrant colors. While his style is unique, it also replicates and unveils the magic and mystery that exists within the world.


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12 gedachtes over “About ~DigitalHyperGFX

  1. We are looking for people who want to be promoted in the design industry and art, is a project that will come out in 1 month. We will be manufacturers of all types of skins for electronic product and we want to do this based on people wanting to promote your product work.
    Not only be sold in stores all over Spain if we are also creating a website for it and thus to arrive other countries and people who distribute the same.
    If you are interested in the proposal would have to submit 2 designs made for you to come to appreciate your work and if we like we will contact you so you can be part of this and tell their benefits.
    We look forward to your stories.

    A greeting.
    Nicolas Pezzolo

  2. Dear Dennis


    My name is jin woo Choi from South Korea

    Let me introduce myself first shortly

    My name is jin woo Choi, working for 15th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) in south korea as a manager in international digital cartoon dept among our festival organization

    You can see more detailed information about SICAF on our official website, http://www.sicaf.org/2011/eng/index.jsp,
    however, it’s now under process of renewal for 2011 edition

    In my digital cartoon dept, we also running cartoon competition titled 6th International Digital Cartoon Competiton
    so i’d like to publicize our digital cartoon competition more widely in your country, The Netherlands through your help

    I found your information by googling

    Since it’s first inauguraion in 2006, we received almost 3,000 works from all around the world and we got 17 works in 2007, 2 works in 2008, 0 work in 2009 and 0 work in 2010 from your country, The Netherlands and so if possbile, i’d like to get more works from The Netherlands this year by your help

    I’d like to attach our regulation here but i can’t so if you send me e-mail, i will get back to you promptly

    Is it ok?

    And is it possible for you post our cartoon competition news on your website or facebook, twitter, deviant art page pls?

    Thanks a lot

    Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon

    Best Regards

    jin woo Choi

    1. Hello Jin Woo Choi … wonderful site you have.. and I would love to hear more…I did send you a email.

      Hope to hear from you soon..

      GrtX …Dennis

  3. Hello Dennis.

    My name is Øystein Lunde Heggebø from Norway. I am the manager and member of a band named Kvant. Our music is some kind of power/symphonic metal. We are in the beginning stage of recoring and releasing our first album.

    Lately I’ve been browsing art on the web to find something that maches our music and which we can use in the making of our albumcover and website design. I found that in your art! I found your piece named “web of the mind” and I love it!

    So my question is if it is possible to buy the rights to use this in our coverart and website (www.kvantmusic.com)?

    I’ll explain our concept to you in more detail later if you wish.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best regards


  4. Hello Dennis,

    My name is Claire and I am an Art teacher in England. One of my students Sam is inspired by you work for one of his art projects. He has to complete an artist profile on you, but it is very difficult to find information on the internet. I was wondering would it be okay if I sent you some questions that will help him complete his profile.

    You work is fantastic and inspiring.

    Kind Regards,

    Claire Butler

    1. Hi Claire..of course you can send the questions to me. I would be happy to help out and answer all the questions Sam needs for his project..:D Dennis !: )

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